When the idea of M$CHIF Clothing was first brought to light there was one goal in mind that was the

driving force behind our brand.  That goal was to create a label that that could be used as an avenue for

graphic artist everywhere to promote their work while being paid honest commissions by utilizing our

web site sales and direct to store placement through our sales teams.  M$CHIF Clothing was founded by

graphic artists just like you because we wanted to give our community a voice in todays over crowded

fashion world.  So lets all band together and get into a little M$CHIF.

The Way It Works

We accept submitted graphic art files that are created by you and If we decide to use your art for our

clothing company we pay you %2 of the sales on anything your art was used on.  It

Disclaimer (All art submitted must be original art created by graphic artist and submitter must e

art consent and licensing agreement along with art being submitted.)

How to submit

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